A lazy guy

27 yrs old guy from Italy a secret location.
He's a web enthusiast, which means he doesn't do that for a living... for now. Although he loves coding (in a handful of different programming languages), he hates debugging, especially against IE6.
The idea of the campaign arose one day when he was developping a super-secret application and got stuck because of IE6 not behaving as he'd expected. Then he decided he had to do something for saving his spare time for better things, like xbox360 (how could I hate MS when I love this little white box so much?)

A lazier guy

From Italy the same secret location, he's so lazy he couldn't put together two lines of self description.
You need only knowing since he started working with css, he can't sleep anymore, because every night an orrific big blue E appears in his dreams. Would you help him to get to sleep again?