What is it all about?

WARNING: we detected you are using IE6 (or previous) and that's probably why you are -or been redirected- here.
This site will look screwed up to you, and this is intentional, as we didn't put any effort into making it work properly with your browser. We strongly suggest you to keep reading to find out why.

Well, let's first say what it is not about. This is not an anti-Microsoft or an anti-IE-all versions campaign, nor an endorsement of some specific non-MS browser. This site is aimed at convincing people to dismiss their old, obsolete, buggy browser (the actual list of defects goes on and on). Which browser you're wondering. Internet Explorer 6! Who else? Right, its prior versions too. So, if you or somebody you know are using any version of Internet Explorer prior to 7, this site is just for you.


I have a dream somebody once said. We have a dream too, maybe it's naïve or too ambitious but as long as we're allowed to dream, we'll never give up.

All of us can fight together to get a better online world, a better web, where the standards are there to be respected, where surfing online is a pleasant experience, where web professionals develop rich online applications that users enjoy just exactly as they were conceived, with no need for hacks, tricks or workarounds. Finally, we dream of an online world where people know they have the power to choose.

For this dream to become true, what is needed is that everybody understands the urgency of switching to a real modern browser, because still using IE6 or previous damages you as a user and all the people who work to create online contents.


IE6 should be put in a museum, along with all of its previous versions, because it's way too old. Its release date is August 27, 2001. Yeah, you got it right. 7 years ago!

For technology, this is a whole geological era.
Would you ever date a mummy? I bet you wouldn't, as long as you're sane. Nevertheless, there are people out there still using it, or even worse IE5.5 or 5. Sad to notice that you're one of those!Don't want to sound offensive, but this is seriously raising some doubts about their and your sanity.
There is not a single reason today to keep using one of the old versions of IE, really.
They're prone to severe security vulnerabilities, they're not standard compliant, they're buggy, they don't have all the features that all modern browsers have (one for all, native tab browsing). Moreover, they compromise your web experience as a user, and make a hell of a web-developer life.That's why it's time to say goodbye to IE 6 or less, and go and get a new, real modern browser.

There are many out there to choose among. I'm not going to suggest you one or another, though, because they're more or less equally good alternatives. You will never read anywhere in this site that IE is evil just because it's IE or it's M$, because this is not the truth. There are too many sites that just urge you to switch to another browser, none of them though reminds you that using another browser is not enough to keep you safe from online threats. So, whichever browser you're using, keep it updated to the last available version!


First of all, you as a user.

If you're a Linux guy, I know you're with me, because trying to stop IE6 can be misinterpreted as trying to damage Microsoft. You don't have IE under Linux anyway, so you're a natural supporter of this campaign.

If you're a Mac user, chances are that you're surfing the web with either Safari, Camino or Firefox. I really hope you're not one of those guys using IE for Mac –if there are still some-, cos in this case, really, and I'm saying it from the heart, you don't deserve a Mac.

If you're a Windows guy and have Windows XP, ok, it's a fact that IE6 came with it pre-installed. But with IE7 having been released, there are really no more excuses left to justify you. If you still haven't upgraded to IE7, we both know why you didn't, besides laziness.
UPDATE (October 5, 2007): Microsoft now offers IE7 as a free download to all
If you just can't install IE7 then, as I already said before, go and choose among the many browsers out there.
The same suggestion applies if you're using an older Windows O.S., like e.g. Windows2000, which has, by the way, been officially discontinued.
Sorry, but technology is something you have to keep up with.

Then, you as a web developer.

How many hours have you been spending trying to fix that line of code which worked perfectly in all browsers except IE6 ? How many weird hacks did you have to learn? How much hair you tore and how many headaches you suffered from for IE not following the rules, despite all of your efforts?

Gone are the dark days, where the only MS browser available was IE6.
IE7 is here finally and although it's reported to still suffer from some bugs, it's way better than its predecessor. Don't you think it's time to say stop to IE6? Would you ever care about compatibility issues with Firefox 1.5 at this time? I believe you don't, and you do just right, because the old version is known to be buggy and is not supported anymore.
Did you ever buy a PC software? Ever had any trouble? I bet if you asked the tech support, their first answer would be go and get all the O.S. available updates, then try again.

There is no point in supporting old, discontinued browsers versions.
Do spend your time better, and educate your customers to upgrade their browsers to the last available version. This is the best thing you can do as a professional, apart from developing the last 2.0 killer application.


Here it comes the crucial part.

If you're a user, it's quite easy.
Go and get a new browser. Upgrade to IE7 or just get another one. These are the main ones you can choose among:

If you're a developer, before the release of IE7, not supporting IE-at least 6 wasn't just practicable. You had to write code that worked seamlessly with IE6 and all the other more standard-aware browsers. But today, IE7 is available.

If developers and designers stop to support the old IE versions, it will force people to take the two minutes process to update to IE7 or get an alternative browser.
But you can do more: actively force your users to upgrade. How?
By injecting the following javascript in all of your sites homepage, users still using IE If you think this means limiting someone else's freedom, try to see it this way: we don't want to limit them, we want them to get their freedom back. And this is just all this site is about.

How to use the script:

Depending on how incisive you want to be, you can choose between two modes:

no mercy: IE

tolerant: IE

Now, grab the following files and put them in your js directory (or any other, just remember to change the path in the

  • Detect.js (1.6 kB) - browser detection
  • StopIE6.js (no mercy | tolerant) (3.3 kB) - automatically injected by detect.js, only if IE

Then, add the following code to the

section of all your site pages (or at least your homepage)

That's it. You're part of the movement!

**Update** Method 2 (thanks to Alan Hogan for pointing this out):

Instead of using the Detect.js script to detect IE6 or previous, you can use conditional comments:

So, in this case you only need one js file: StopIE6.js (you can still choose between tolerant | no mercy).

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Davide Rognoni

2008-12-08 14:49:18


"Kill IE, we can, we need"


2008-11-17 18:41:22


I'm using a corporate machine. Why waste my time. I'll find a site which is customer focused.


2008-11-17 17:35:41


You can always make IE6 users' life sad: http://browsesad.com ;-)


2008-11-14 14:30:20


I posted an article on our site about this, in a more general way. Looking at the sites I work with, almost 25% of users are still IE6. For most sites, this is more users than we had with FF. Unbelievable.

Thanks for trying to win the war!


2008-11-13 05:25:23


Support! That's why my site does not support that crappy IE 6! lol

Check out and have fun at 9GAG (NOT on IE 6)!

9gag (http://9gag.com) is a one stop deadliest handy micro-blog which collects any funny stuffs you find or create. It is your best time-killer and happy-pill.



2008-11-12 22:59:26


While it would be a wonderful an beautiful world, it just won't happen. Computers will still be out there with IE6 for a number of reasons. Office computers, old computers with people just trying to do something without the time to restart, etc... There's worse things than IE6, really.


2008-11-12 21:24:28


Steven Carr seems someone from Microsoft who developed IE 6 :)
Sorry dude, but IE Suxx, Most problems are for Web developers, thats why they are against IE 6. Better upgrade your systems, upgrade yourself.

Abhishek Mishra

2008-11-12 19:57:02


@ you : try using photo hosting services to get rid of badwidth issues, or host images on googlepages.com(though its pretty slow) for free.

Abhishek Mishra

2008-11-12 19:56:03


@you : hmm that's a pretty bad thing to disclose to public. better do something to disable hotlinking actually, coz people like me didn't have time to copy that image into our own hosting spaces.

A. Lester Buck III

2008-11-12 19:00:21


This is a pretty funny site. They suggest loading your pages with the stopIE6 Javascript file, when with *exactly* the same amount of work, you can essentially solve the problem once and for all, and keep your users happy (what a thought!) at the same time. (I do think this solution has arisen since this site first launched.) You can even advance an IE6 user's browser to be as standards compliant as IE8 (which is very standards compliant -- not your father's IE):


Google will even host the Javascript file for you:

http://code.google.com/p/ie7-js /

Professionals don't piss off their visitors -- they solve their problems. And the browser to be afraid of is Webkit and it's proprietary extensions.

Charles Ju

2008-11-12 18:51:46


I have stopped coding for IE6. It is a waste of time.


2008-11-12 18:46:38


As a developer, I fully support this effort. I also still code for IE6. When you develop sites for multi-billion dollar companies you develop sites that are not going to eliminate entire blocks of their customer base. It's unfortunate, but that is how things are. If I were developing for mom and pop shops, I wouldn't exert the effort it takes to make high end IE6 compatible sites.

If you work for a company that won't upgrade from IE6, you work for a company that doesn't understand technology. In today's world, that means they're going to fail. If you're smart, you'll look for a new job before you come in one day to find a pink slip on your desk.


2008-11-12 18:46:31


@Abhishek Mishra
The reason is that we don't want people to link directly to our image files, as our monthly bandwidth is limited and we cannot afford an extra traffic being generated by external sites linking directly to us.
Lately we've seen a huge increase in traffic volume and I'm afraid that if we keep going like this we will rapidly reach the monthly limit. Maybe we should ask for a little donation from the community in order to pay the hosting fee (we don't make a single penny out of this site, this is not and will never be the goal)

Crash IE

2008-11-12 18:13:55


You can just redirect IE6 users to crashie.com :-)


2008-11-12 18:11:04


Agreed.. Steven Carr's an idiot.

Jeff Little

2008-11-12 18:07:12


How about if we just get Microsoft to use webkit!


2008-11-12 17:53:05


Steven Carr
YOU'RE the idiot.


2008-11-12 17:45:24


Love it. As a designer who has to consider compatibility with IE6, it feels oh so good to use the "No Mercy" version on my personal website.

Abhishek Mishra

2008-11-12 16:22:35


In http://www.stopie6.org/spread-t he-word ,
it would be better if you change src for img tags to absolute urls and not relative ones... that will make it easier for banners to appear on my/(anyone's else's) pages/blogs.

i.e. change ###img src="120_60.gif" alt="Stop IE6 campaign logo" width="120" height="60"###

to ###img src="http://www.stopie6.org /img/badges/120_60.gif" alt="Stop IE6 campaign logo" width="120" height="60"###


Abhishek Mishra

2008-11-12 16:19:28


Noice way to wipe this piece of shitware off the world's face!

Steven Carr

2008-11-12 12:13:41


My company has over 1000 employees and we cannot influence our IT depts decision on upgrades. Atlas is a fine programme which I have shown to my collegues and ecouraged them to use. However, thanks to your dictatatorial stance on IE6 I cannot use your service any longer. A loss for us both. (not as to the point as arse wipes comments!


2008-11-11 22:52:27


@Steven Carr
I said it before, I'll say it over and over again.
If your entire company is *STILL* running IE6, the only idiots are the people in your IT department, not us. If they haven't upgraded to IE7 or installed another browser, that just means they are totally unqualified for their job, and someone from your top-management had better fire them.
Oh, and just to anticipate an obvious -and let me say- worn out objection, if you're using a legacy application that runs with IE6 *only*, have them install another browser, and keep IE6, instead of upgrading to IE7.
Perhaps this is too hard a task for your IT guys to accomplish, you're right.

Steven Carr

2008-11-11 14:27:45


Yes nice idea to ban people looking at your site because they have IE6 ! Idiots. Our entire company runs IE6 and we cannot upgrade without out IT dept approving any paying hence I can now no longer view the Atlas site. Customer lost!


2008-11-04 17:07:34


Hi again,
Recently i re-uploaded the different image and now its working fine.
I think the page is not working with my actual logo, so i uploaded my own pick :)


2008-11-04 17:04:47


Hi Matteo,
E-mail on his way to your Inbox, Check the image i attached with that, i send you it through your contact us page.
Thanks again.


2008-11-03 22:42:06


Hi, other people successfully uploaded their logos, so the page must be working. what exactly is the problem you're facing? write me an email with the contact form and I'll be happy to help


2008-11-03 19:03:58


Hi Matteo,
Very excellent work.
But your supporters page is not working :(
Fix it.


2008-11-03 19:00:22


Stop using IE guys, switch to firefox


2008-11-03 15:55:50


You must have me confused with Valerio of mootools...sorry to admit I'm not him!


2008-11-01 20:06:38


hi, (a cow, moo in the source code, so many familiar elements they sounds like evidences... :)
every day i dream of a world without ie6 but, let's be honest, it would quickly be the case if companies technical services weren't far lazier than you claim to be :)
Have swing Vale... errr, you Italy guy :)


2008-11-01 11:23:42


@are wipe
very sensible comment, yours!
you are free to choose whatever you want, as we are free not to support you. the whole meaning of this campaign is not forcing you into anything, but just letting you know we don't care about you -and people like you- anymore.


2008-11-01 03:09:13


You can get rid of that old 1954 Saturn and have a 2008 Eclipse or a 2008 Saturn Sky for FREE!

This is basicly the same thing because Computer Tech ages way faster then most things so get rid of that 2001 MS IE(6) for a brand new 2008 Mozilla Firefox, a 2007 MS IE(7), or a 2008 MS IE(8)

are wipe

2008-10-31 16:13:51


Cunts, fuck off and leave me to make my own choice. Fuck off and die.


2008-10-25 17:28:14


I apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced with the site lately, but we've been forced to change the hosting provider (as the previous one totally sucked). the thing is the switch process wasn't as smooth as I thought it'd be. Anyhow, now the site is back (though the PR seems to be gone for the internal pages) with some nice little new feature (read: logo upload, a contact form -finally!- and comments on every page), and a reviewed css (hopefully improved too).
I hope you'll like it.
ps: has anybody else noticed SaveTheDevelopers has gone? It seems like we're the last remnants of this battle againts IE6... help us keep it alive.


2008-10-24 21:32:05


Aiuta la causa su Facebook: Liberiamoci da Internet Explorer 6


2008-10-23 16:10:16


As the \\\'lazier guy\\\' is from Italy the same secret location as the lazy guy, you could get him to translate this site in Italian (or the other way round).
Maybe sorting out the link to the zip file would also help.
Good idea anyway. I support this idea.


2008-10-22 12:13:15


Hey, great initiative! I came here looking for Javascript solutions for my website, I guess I found what I was looking for!

However I have to say you forgot one big part of IE6 users here... I totally agree that IE6 sucks, no doubt about that, but not everyone has the opportunity to change browser. In my opinion the biggest part of IE6 are users who CANNOT upgrade or switch.
Maybe they would like to, maybe they don't know anything about possible alternatives, but when you are working in a big corporation that has 500 employees working on Windows 2000 and a web based application developed by the company to work with IE6, what can you do?

You cannot switch because installing new softwares is forbidden and you need IE6 for this f***ing web based application; you cannot use a pendrive to use Firefox because using external storage devices is forbidden at work, and your boss won't spend billions updating all the computers and developing a new web based application...

Then yes, you are stucked with IE6, even when everybody hates it... And that is a big proportion of IE6 users on this world.
So I agree to educate the others, but don't blame people who do not have a choice. So I'd be "nicer" with IE6 users or add a small paragraph if I were you...


2008-10-18 19:47:57


Site is slow as heck. Will not be using this anymore.


2008-09-30 00:53:20


I use Firefox, Compare with other browser's firefox is the best.

Santhos Webdesign

2008-09-29 18:03:13


Great campaign! As a developer I'm struggling almost every with ie6 incompatibility problems and it has to stop! Microsoft just needs to force ie6 users to update to 7! Allthough I'm a big Firefox fan, ie7 is a stable version which I almost never encounter problems with.


2008-09-29 04:34:09


I completely agree!!. IE6 have more bugs slowing down my website. Today I use Opera and Firefox instead...


2008-09-25 09:48:47


i_te kampanya budur. emei ge�en herkese binlerce te_ekk�rler. ie6'dan kurtulmak i�in el ele....


2008-09-23 22:40:29


Hi Thanks for the JS, love it! One question - Any way to add some opacity to the background overlay? I attempted a couple of things but no luck. Thanks!


2008-09-17 23:07:35


@Matteo: Hey. I don't know why you bother to defend yourself against those who attack your cause/opinion/case. It's not a matter of opinion; what you say is fact. Let's make it really, REALLY SIMPLE: OUTDATED PRODUCTS ARE NOT TO BE USED. The update is free, as are the other browsers. Use the most up to date version of WHATEVER BROWSER YOU PREFER. @doubters: Fact is, we don't really care if you have come up with some half-baked reason to continue using IE6. We developers are no longer going to code for it. So, when you find yourself asking a friend to burn you a copy of the latest browser cause you can no longer view the damn page to download it from, don't say Matteo didn't warn ya ;)


2008-09-15 20:22:05


I got FF because of this. Thank you. (=+-*****Go to NintendoHub.com today!******-+=)


2008-09-04 09:03:24


Oh yeah... Kyle @ #31, you're talking rubbish :P ... as a web designer I run many browsers on Windows XP including two versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome (works just like Safari)..
And I have IE6 (as a joke) and IE8 (installed that recently and haven't bothered to get standalone IE7 yet).

@Matteo: Sites which make killing IE into a commercial thing.. I can see why you would be irked by this and hopefully it doesn't taint user perception of the idea. however personally I think that making money out of switching users to IE is not such a bad thing. I'm not arguing with you, but I must say:
If that's what it takes to get people off that bad "browser", then that's what it takes!
If the end result is a competitive market for browser vendors, then personally I totally endorse it.


2008-09-04 08:56:52


Franscisco, #35: Throw out your hardware and kill your users. "Doesn't support more than Windows 98 and Can't run Firefox 3" is a big margin which might allow them to at least run Firefox 2 or Opera, no? Failing that, upgrade them to Lynx ;) It's faster, more stable and more secure than IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari.. You name it! Seriously, I redirect IE6 users at random, something like this: if (!(time() % 50)) { kick_user(); } They don't even deserve to be on my website, which I put so much time and effort into. I'm a little kinder to IE7 users, but still mean. I mean I love Microsoft and Windows, but Internet Explorer is a joke. In Firefox 3.0.1 I see no submit button on this form, looks like the footer is in the way. I recommend making the footer the lastChild of the body, that way it doesn't need any creepy css positioning or anything weird like that.


2008-08-29 06:43:45


i send to u an email contain translate , please check your inbox .

Francisco J

2008-08-28 13:17:19


?If I have a bunch of mid 90's hardware that doesn't support anything more than Windows 98 and mid-age users trained only with Windows systems? Explorer 7 or Firefox 3 can't be used! PD: Trains modernize but the rails widths can sill be used by 1900 trains.


2008-08-27 09:21:38


We all are frustrated with the way MS is rendering web pages, (including IE7 IE8) they must be different? take a look at css3 (which gives so much of controll of every element in 10 different ways, and IE does not plan to support it, so we all are fighting the browsers war (not a cold war) and we will win!!!

Ian Ozsvald

2008-08-27 06:21:21


I've created a screencast showing users IE8 and Firefox 3 (aiming to convince them to switch to Firefox 3). The screencast appeals twice to users of IE6 to please upgrade. Link to the video The video shows the user how to get IE7, IE8 and FF3, hopefully the explanation of the security history of FF, the Awesome Bar and other features will make them switch.


2008-08-06 05:23:21


@Kyle [quote]some computers can ONLY use IE6 SP1 as their latest browser (i.e. Windows This is totally false. You are free to install other browsers (other than IE I mean) on any Windows OS. I'll tell you more! There are projects like Firefox Portable that let you install Firefox on your usb key and you can use it even without installing it on the host computer. About people that just don't want to change their habit to use their beloved IE6, that's why this campaign exists! To give you an example, In Italy you can no longer drive your old gasoline car if it doesn't comply with the latest regulations about pollution. Which is exactly what IE6 does: polluting the Web!


2008-08-03 16:25:21


Some computers can ONLY use IE6 SP1 as their latest browser (i.e. Windows


2008-07-30 10:31:27


@TRiAD: Sorry mate, whatever arguments you try and make, the fact still remains that IE6 and earlier have to die. If a user doesn't have a computer capable of running a modern browser (including IE7) they need to expect that their internet experience is going to get worse and worse and worse. The rest of the world can't just sit around waiting for them any longer, everything is being held back by IE6 and earlier. As for Firefox, FF3 beats the pants of any MS browser in terms of speed (and stability IMHO). Likewise Safari 3 and Opera are also massively faster than any MS browser. And no, installing extensions on IE6 is not an option - the browser itself is flawed to the very core, it's not standards compliant, it's JS is slow and buggy, etc. No amount of plugins can fix the IE6 flaws - the browser needs replacing with a modern one, full stop.


2008-07-10 09:53:36


@Irwan Actually, savethedevelopers came after us. Although I didn't want to raise vain polemics, we really felt like they took more than simple "inspiration" from us. Anyhow, as we are fighting the same battle here, there is no need to argue about that I guess. What is slightly irritating is that they turned this into a commercial thing (with merchandise and stuff), although I would bet that nobody will ever buy anything from them.

Irwan Butar Butar

2008-07-10 04:08:59


+1 Current campaign www.savethedevelopers.org also shared the same objective. And they also have the script, if you like the alternative. Count me in!


2008-07-09 19:52:54


BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just been looking for a script to warn my visitors that they're using IE666 and stumbled upon your site. Very easy, and very useful. Keep fighting the good fight!


2008-07-08 11:35:54


wish I could agree....but some large bloated applications, (e.g., ERPs, helpdesk, etc) require IE6, unless you do a reg hack. Which is fine for the corporate office where I can force it, I'm not always in control of user desktops. negating that I've been on mozilla for a long time, and won't use IE unless I have to.

Lars Rune N?stdal

2008-07-04 23:04:57


This is us working for MS instead of MS working for us. MS should be doing the work, taking the "blame" themselves; but they aren't and they don't. _They_ (MS) should be having a popup in their IE6 browser that shows up from time to time telling the user to upgrade ASAP, and the upgrade should be free, fast and clean regardless of whether the user is running a pirated Windows or not. Users that pirate Windows is not a problem that should infect an entire industry! Running a small startup is hard because of MS. MS doesn't help me; it stops me from doing what I (and my customers) wants to do. MS needs to die, it really is holding us back. I'm sick of this.


2008-07-04 19:21:10


@Alan I don't know what other people think, but I believe yours is a good idea (conditional comments I mean). As for your other suggestions, we will make some slight fix and restyle to the site soon, I'll take them into account (though you sounded a bit rude to my ears).


2008-07-04 14:07:37


Ok... Matteo, this is a good idea, but you *SERIOUSLY* need to have a completely different landing page for IE6 users. This page is daunting for IE-hating developers like me. I wouldn't waste my time here as a user. I'm serious! Make a separate page with simple language, startling statistics (7 years old, 26262469 security exploits), and biiig download links of alternative browsers. THEN have a "what this isn't" blurb if you really need it. Don't think of your site as a goddam ARTICLE. No one reads articles when they just got redirected from the info they really wanted. Keep it short, sweet, simple, and visual. And keep the users' page separate from what I see as a web developer! When you've done this, contact me and I may support this campaign.


2008-07-04 13:59:15


Why don't you just use conditional comments instead of a separate browser detection script? This saves on load time for users of better browsers. stopie...


2008-06-30 21:07:13


Ahh you are brilliant!! As a web developer the amount of my working life I spend dealing specifically with the faulty product IE6 is ridiculous. I would make around 30 - 40% better use of my time if that browser no longer existed, so good for you for running this campaign. Sorry to you folks who can't get a hold of IE7 or Firefox/Opera for whatever reason, but you'll inevitably have to upgrade eventually. Perhaps Windows7 will make it possible. In the meantime, I am as of today making the decision to no longer code for IE6's bugs as it just isn't worth the time. Disappear forever IE6!!


2008-06-28 04:44:53


I am with you brother! We have to stop the old, slow, ugly and most of all STANDARDS-INCOMPATIBLE IE. And not only 6 but also 7 and even 8. My advice to all the web users is to use Firefox or Opera, they are both standards-compatible, this means that it's easier for us the web developers to make websites. You will be helping us and also yourself, do the right choice and leave ie, Thank you.


2008-06-28 02:52:45


Your site sux. Just cause you're a bunch of ********[comment from the site owners: you can give your opinion, but you are NOT allowed to offend anybody], don't bring your holy war down on me and my IE6.


2008-06-07 21:51:05


@TRiAD: microsoft abandoned you, your IE6 and your old windows. I do not lie, just there is no more support. Accept it and move on.

IE5 disappeared easily from the face of the earth thanks to the "free" updates from microsoft to IE6. But now, when microsoft stopped these updates for IE7, the addoption of IE7 slowed down.

I guess the chart of IE6 users reflect the amount of people who uses a pirated copy and they fear the update to IE7. Even now that they can get it without WGA.

Personally, I guess that microsoft should resign with IE. Stop spending money in a browser that just don't work. Buy another company like opera, or just use the services of a nice rendering engine like the one in firefox.


2008-05-11 09:08:53


Oh please! Writing addons for IE6 ??
yeah right, so why don't we write addons for IE5, or IE4 maybe, while we're at it?
There are several alternatives to IE6, even for Win98 or Win2k users. If Firefox2 is slow, I suggest you to try Opera. It's lightning speed fast.
Btw, if to your eyes I am a christian Inquisitor forcing people towards conversion, you look like a Negationism disciple, as in fact you deny the indisputable evidence of the facts: IE6 should be re-written from scratch.
Writing addonds on top of it would be just as foolish as building more floors on top of a house with no foundations.


2008-05-10 23:17:44


Hate it. It looks like you're forcing an atheist to become a christian.
Who are you to stop users from using IE6. What about Win2000 and Win98 users? It's expensive (and shitty) to upgrade to Vista. And XP's already ceased shelf production. Pirated XP with IE7 is an option but you don't want a DMCA shutdown notice to come knocking at your door when you promote users to switch to PiratedXP just to use IE7.
Running IE7 on a computer with 256MB ram and an old 30GB Hate Firefox. Its far slower than IE7. Encounters truncated downloads and videos on youtube. Addons aren't that useful because they can hijack webpages like youtube. Many addons pose as a 'download accelerator' but they are really just Adware. Firefox spreads like a virus. Falsely convincing users that Firefox is better than IE6 and IE7 combined (which I know that isn't true). May look like passed Acid2 test but it still fails. It doesn't mean that Firefox Acid2 looks better that IE6 doesn't mean its more compliant because they both suck!
How about this... Instead of FORCING people to abandon their IE6 to a more system hag IE7 or a n00b's browser as Firefox, why not endorse addons for IE6 which will enhance security, usability, and practicality. Don't endorse addons with spyware, adware, or something shitty like that.

Desiree Webdesign

2008-05-08 08:36:43


Great campaign! Hope it works.


2008-02-28 20:06:47


If a physically disabled person, with no use of their legs, complained that a ramp accessing your building didn?t work with the proprietary square wheels on their wheelchair, what would you do?

Would you say ?upgrade your wheelchair??

Of course you would, IESicks has square wheels!!!

Nikos Katsikanis

2008-01-24 10:30:53


I've just got into web development in the pasrt 6 months and I am glad I have missed the lst 4 years of IE agony, I'm glad that things will be getting better as ie usage % drops


2008-01-23 13:02:36


thanks for your positive comment.
Did you check the script page? If you test the javascript, you'll see a in-page pop-up appear warning you about the potential threats IE6 can expose you to.
This message is obviously customizable, so one can freely edit it and, as you rightly suggested, warn their users about IE6 virus infection 'proneness'.

hey, thanks a lot for your support! It's good to see people supporting this campaign.
Please don't stop spreading the voice!

Muhammad Arslan Ali

2008-01-23 01:49:33


You can view logo of that campaign on my orkut scrap book. You can request on my scrap book and i will post that logo on your scrap book as well


Muhammad Arslan Ali

2008-01-23 01:46:07


you are running a brilliant campaign. My all office colleagues and me are great supporters for your cause. We had countless nights working only for fixing work in IE's old versions.

To spread your cause. I have submitted your story at digg.com

Please digg that story

Dwayne Charrington

2008-01-16 18:54:10


Hey Matteo,

I completely agree with what you're doing here. Being a web developer myself I am sick and tired of all those endless IE6 bugs slowing down my projects and making me want to throw my PC out the window.

I think the approach you're taking is a tad harsh in a way. Businesses will forever be using IE 6 hacks until it is no longer used anymore, or Microsoft forces users to update to IE8 when it's released. I applaud what you're doing though, I just can't end support it's not that easy for me especially when my projects are viewed in all browsers.

The idea of a nagging information bar saying:
"You're using IE6, if you don't want viruses to get steal your information please upgrade."

Scare your users into thinking if they are using IE6 they'll get viruses. It'll work because the people that use IE6 are the stupid ones and the stupid ones always get viruses and have to pay to get them removed.

- Dwayne Charrington.


2008-01-04 16:33:45


Yes, I say, lets get our pitch forks and march over to the IE 6 mountain.


2008-01-04 16:06:48


I am an IT consultant and have to work with the internet everyday. IE6 has been designed to make my life and the life of fellow consultants hell. GO FIREFOX!


2008-01-02 10:44:46


The problem is, a large chunk of the people still using IE6 won't realize that the site is messed up because of the browser they are using. They will simply assume the site is bad, and move on to a different site. For a business, this is a bad thing. In fact, for the most part, for any website, this is a bad thing. Instead of promoting the end of IE6 hacks, continue using them, but add a little nag bar warning about downloading at the very least, IE7 (and soon, I hope, IE8 with its standards compliance, though knowing Microsoft, they did exactly what needed to be done to pass Acid2, but no more). One would think that, if seen enough times, even the most dense of people would eventually get the point. Also, comments requiring that JavaScript be enabled really do suck, especially for people browsing with protection (NoScript). A form is a basic function; fancying it up so that it requires JavaScript is going overboard and is just as bad as having to use hacks for IE6.


2007-12-01 09:01:05


@Amanda This site was developped under Firefox 2.0 for Windows, so it just works fine. I've been reported of an issue preventing users from typing into the comment form when using Firefox for Mac, or AdBlock as also Reynard confirmed.

@Reynard, thanks, I will investigate that issue. Any idea of what could be wrong?

I'll just disregard the 3rd commenter, as his/her silliness and rudeness speak for theirself. You don't even deserve a reply.


2007-12-01 03:59:00


Amanda, Probabilityzero, Site Owner - you cannot add comments if you have Adblock Plus extension in Firefox. I had to disable it on this page and reload the page. Otherwise, I appreciate the effort, but working around adblock problem would be nice. Don't worry, though, this is not the first site that adblock has problems with.


2007-11-30 21:54:37


Also, what are you talking about amanda, having to load IE to use this site? I'm using Firefox right now, and it all works fine for me.


2007-11-30 21:53:08


I absolutely agree that people should stop using IE6. I doubt this site will do anything to convince the people still clinging to it, though. The only people who still use it are those either don't know any better (and don't know that they're using "IE6") and those that refuse to change (I know one girl who refuses to use anything else because other browsers "break" her myspace profile design with its error-filled css).


2007-11-30 15:58:33


hey, guess what? i came to this page in ie 6 because you can't even type into your form in firefox. nice job :p

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